2008 APS April Meeting and HEDP/HEDLA Meeting

Friday–Tuesday, April 11–15, 2008; St. Louis, Missouri


Apr 11 2008 8:30AM, Friday

Invited Session 1HE: Stellar Explosions, Turbulence and Instabilities

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Paul Drake, University of Michigan

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


1HE.00001: HED physics frontiers on OMEGA/OMEGA EP

D.D. Meyerhofer , Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14623


1HE.00002: Stellar convection and turbulence

Herbert J. Muthsam, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna, Austria


1HE.00003: Type II Supernovae

Tomasz Plewa, School of Computational Science, Florida State University


1HE.00004: Laboratory blast wave driven instabilities

Carolyn Kuranz, University of Michigan


1HE.00005: Theory and simulation of astrophysical explosions and turbulence

Aaron Miles, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


1HE.00006: Nonlinear evolution of hydrodynamic instabilities from multimode initial perturbation

Dov Shvarts, Nuclear Research Center Negev and Ben-Gurion U. of the Negev, ISRAEL and Laboratory for Laser Energetics, U.of Rochester, USA


Apr 11 2008 11:15AM, Friday


Invited Session 2HE: Accretion and Photoionized Plasmas

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Roberto Mancini, University of Nevada-Reno

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), - Promenade F


2HE.00001: Photoionized Plasma and Opacity Experiments on the Z Machine

James Bailey, Sandia National Laboratories


2HE.00002: Current Challenges of Astrophysical Photoionized Plasmas

Timothy Kallman, NASA/GSFC


2HE.00003: Astrophysics of Accretion onto Compact Objects

John Hawley, University of Virginia


2HE.00004: Radiation transfer experiments using high-power lasers.

Steven Rose, Imperial College London




2HE.00006: Experimental and Computational Analysis of Photo-ionized Non-LTE Plasma Produced by Intense Laser

Hideaki Takabe, Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University


Apr 11 2008 2:50PM, Friday


Invited Session 3HE: AGN/BH Jet Dynamics

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Paul Bellan, California Institute of Technology

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), - Promenade F


3HE.00001: Astrophysical Jets

Mario Livio, Space Telescope Science Institute


3HE.00002: 3-D MHD Simulations of Astrophysical Jets

Yoshiaki Kato, University of Tsukuba


3HE.00003: Episodic ``Magnetic Tower'' Plasma Jets in a Laboratory Experiment

Sergey Lebedev, Imperial College


Apr 11 2008 4:20PM, Friday


Invited Session 4HE: Launching Dynamics for Stellar Jets

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Patrick Hartigan, Rice University

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), - Promenade F


4HE.00001: Generating Jets from Young Stars: An Observational Perspective

Tom Ray, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies


4HE.00002: Launching Mechanisms of Astrophysical Jets

Attilio Ferrari, University of Torino, Italy, and University of Chicago,USA


4HE.00003: Laboratory-produced MHD plasma jets

Paul Bellan, Caltech


Apr 11 2008 6:00PM, Friday


Invited Session 5HE: HEDP/HEDLA Reception and Banquet

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Bruce Remington, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), St. Louis Ballroom E


5HE.00001: Ushering in A New Era in Lasers: The National Ignition Facility

Edward I. Moses, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Apr 12 2008 10:50AM, Saturday


Invited Session 6HE: Shocks in Stellar Jets

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Sergey Lebedev, Imperial College

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


6HE.00001: Observed Hydrodynamical Properties of Stellar Jets

Patrick Hartigan, Rice University


6HE.00002: Turbulence, Outflows and Feedback

Adam Frank, University of Rochester


6HE.00003: Experiments with supersonic plasma jets at Omega

John M. Foster, AWE Aldermaston


6HE.00004: Experiments with laser driven plasma jets

Philippe Nicolai, University Bordeaux


Apr 12 2008 2:00PM, Saturday


Invited Session 7HE: Shocks in the Universe and Laboratory

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Hideaki Takabe, Osaka University

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


7HE.00001: Shock Waves in the Large Scale Structure of the Universe

Dongsu Ryu, Chungnam National University


7HE.00002: Effects of Pre-Existing Upstream Turbulence on Magnetic Fields and Particle Acceleration at Astrophysical Shocks

J. R. Jokipii, University of Arizona


7HE.00003: Collisionless Shocks and Particle Acceleration

Tony Bell, University of Oxford


7HE.00004: Turbulent shock processing, relevant to shock-cloud interactions

J. Freddy Hansen, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore CA 94550, USA


7HE.00005: Recent progress on particle acceleration at supernova remnants

Ryo Yamazaki, Hiroshima University


Apr 12 2008 4:05PM, Saturday

Session 8HE HEDP/HEDLA Poster Session (4:05-6:30pm) Sponsor: HEDP HEDLA Chair: Bruce Remington, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade E and Promenade Lobby  (posters listed at bottom)


Session 9HE HEDP/HEDLA Poster Session (8:30-11:00am) (Continuation of Poster Session 8HE) Sponsor: HEDP HEDLA Chair: Bruce Remington, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade E and Promenade Lobby (posters listed at bottom)


Apr 13 2008 11:00AM, Sunday


Invited Session 10HE: Radiation and Supernovae

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Steve Rose, Imperial College

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


10HE.00001: Supernova remnants

Jacco Vink, Utrecht University


10HE.00002: Observations of Supernovae during and after Shock Breakout

Stefan Immler, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


10HE.00003: Analytic Approach to the Stability of Standing Accretion Shocks

Martin Laming, Naval Research Laboratory




10HE.00005: Radiative shock theory, experiments, and connections to astrophysics

Claire Michaut, LUTH, Observatoire de Paris, CNRS


10HE.00006: Radiative Transfer in Type Ia Supernovae

Daniel Kasen, University of California, Santa Cruz


Apr 13 2008 3:10PM, Sunday


Invited Session 11HE: Physics of Planetary Interiors

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Jonathan Fortney, University of California, Santa Cruz

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


11HE.00001: Super Earths: The Structure of Massive Terrestrial Planets

Diana Valencia, Harvard University


11HE.00002: Reproducing planetary cores in the laboratory

Jon Eggert, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


11HE.00003: First Principles Calculations of Hydrogen-Helium Mixtures and the Structure of Jupiter

Burkhard Militzer, UC Berkeley


Apr 13 2008 4:25PM, Sunday


Invited Session 12HE: Laboratory Studies of Dense Matter I

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Michel Koenig, Ecole Polytechnique

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


12HE.00001: X-ray diffraction from shocked materials: investigating solid-solid phase transitions

Justin Wark, University of Oxford


12HE.00002: Creating and probing matter compressed and heated by shock waves on OMEGA

Sean Regan, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester


Apr 14 2008 10:50AM, Monday


Invited Session 13HE: Laboratory Studies of Dense Matter II

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Dieter Hoffmann, GSI

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


13HE.00001: Pressure ionization and phase transition in strongly coupled plasmas at megabars

Vladimir Fortov, IHED RAS


13HE.00002: High energy density physics experiments with intense heavy ion beams

Frank Bieniosek, LBNL


Apr 14 2008 11:40AM, Monday


Invited Session 14HE: HEDP Theory and Experiments

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: George Kyrala, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


14HE.00001: Studies of High Energy Density Matter Using Intense Ion Beams: The HEDgeHOB Collaboration

N.A. Tahir, GSI Darmstadt


14HE.00002: Monoenergetic Proton Radiography of Electromagnetic Fields in Laser-Plasma Interactions and Areal Density in Imploded Capsules

Richard Petrasso, MIT




14HE.00004: Recent progress of the HEDP research related to the astrophysics in China

Jie Zhang, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Apr 14 2008 2:25PM, Monday


Invited Session 15HE: Intense Laser-Matter Interactions

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Peter Norreys, Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


15HE.00001: Blast waves in atomic cluster media using intense laser pulses.

Roland Smith, Imperial College, London


15HE.00002: Creating high energy density matter with intense laser driven proton beams

Pravesh Patel, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


15HE.00003: Applications of the wave-kinetic approach: from wakefield accelerators to space plasmas

Raoul Trines, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


15HE.00004: BREAK


15HE.00005: Weibel instability in colliding electron-positron-ion plasmas

Luis Silva, GoLP/Instituto de Plasmas e Fusao Nuclear, Instituto Superior Tecnico, 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal


15HE.00006: Energy transport and isochoric heating of ultra-intense laser irradiated target

Yasuhiko Sentoku, University of Nevada, Reno


15HE.00007: Transport of high intensity laser-generated hot electrons in cone coupled wire targets

Farhat Beg, University of California, San Diego


Apr 15 2008 10:50AM, Tuesday


Invited Session 16HE: Quark-Gluon Plasmas

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Barbara Jacak, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


16HE.00001: Introduction to strongly coupled quark-gluon plasma

Edward Shuryak, Stony Brook University


16HE.00002: Instabilities in non-Abelian plasmas

Stanislaw Mrowczynski, Institute for Nuclear Studies, Warsaw


16HE.00003: Experimental study of properties of quark gluon plasma via heavy quarks and EM probes.

Yasuyuki Akiba, Univ. of Tsukuba, Inst. of Physics


16HE.00004: Experimental study of collective motion in the quark gluon plasma

ShinIchi Esumi, Univ. of Tsukuba, Inst. of Physics




16HE.00006: Probing the QCD Plasma with High Energy Jets

Peter Jacobs, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


16HE.00007: Modeling strongly coupled quark gluon plasmas: hydro vs transport vs general relativity

Miklos Gyulassy, Columbia University


Apr 15 2008 2:50PM, Tuesday


Invited Session 17HE: Relativistic Plasmas and Gamma-Ray Bursts

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Tomasz Plewa, Florida State University

Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


17HE.00001: Gamma-Ray Bursts from Massive Stars

Andrew MacFadyen, New York University


17HE.00002: Particle Acceleration at astrophysical shocks

John Kirk, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik


17HE.00003: BREAK


17HE.00004: Short Gamma-Ray Burst Models and Simulations

Hans-Thomas Janka, Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics


17HE.00005: Production of electron-positron pairs using ultra-intense lasers and potential applications

Edison Liang, Rice University


Apr 15 2008 4:50PM, Tuesday

Session 18HE HEDLA Business Meeting Sponsor: HEDP HEDLA Chair: Bruce Remington, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade F


Poster Sessions:


Session 8HE-9HE: HEDP/HEDLA Poster Session (4:05-6:30pm)

Sponsoring Units: HEDP HEDLA

Chair: Bruce Remington, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), - Promenade E and Promenade Lobby


Apr 13 2008 8:30AM, Sunday

Session 9HE HEDP/HEDLA Poster Session (8:30-11:00am) (Continuation of Poster Session 8HE) Sponsor: HEDP HEDLA Chair: Bruce Remington, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Room: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (formerly Adam's Mark Hotel), Promenade E and Promenade Lobby


8HE.00001: From dimensional analysis to Burgan-Feix transformation: a self-similar and unified analysis

Emeric Falize , Serge Bouquet


8HE.00002: Self-similar evolution, structure and stability of optically thin plasmas: analytical and numerical study

Emeric Falize , Berenice Loupias , Serge Bouquet , Claire Michaut , Michel Koenig


8HE.00003: Investigation of flute and lower hybrid drift instabilities in application to laboratory astrophysics and Z-pinch experiments

V.I. Sotnikov , V. Ivanov , R. Presura , J. Kindel , J.N. Leboeuf , O.G. Onishchenko , B.V. Oliver , T.A. Mehlhorn , C. Deeney


8HE.00004: Progress toward Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities in a High-Energy-Density Plasma on the Nike laser

E.C. Harding , R.P. Drake , R.S. Gillespie , M.J. Grosskopf , C.M. Huntington , Y. Aglitskiy , J.L. Weaver , A.L. Velikovich , T. Plewa , V.V. Dwarkadas


8HE.00005: Structure of solutions of the buoyancy -- drag equation

Serge Bouquet , Emeric Falize , Pierre Gandeboeuf , Pierre Pailhori`es


8HE.00006: Using the Rayleigh-Taylor instability for in situ measurements of thermal conductivity of warm dense matter.

Dmitri Ryutov


8HE.00007: Simulation and Analysis of Mixing Layer Evolution in Multi-Mode, Laser-Driven Rayleigh-Taylor Experiments

Nathan Hearn , Tomasz Plewa , R. Paul Drake , Carolyn Kuranz


8HE.00008: Using Hydrodynamic Codes in Modeling of Multi-Interface Diverging Experiments for NIF

Michael Grosskopf , R.P. Drake , C.C. Kuranz , T. Plewa , N. Hearn , C. Meakin , D. Arnett , A.R. Miles , H.F. Robey , J.F. Hansen , B.A. Remington , W. Hsing , M.J. Edwards


8HE.00009: Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in elastic-plastic media

Antonio R. Piriz , Juan J. L\'opez Cela , Naeem A. Tahir , Dieter H. H. Hoffmann


8HE.00010: Theoretical and numerical studies of Vishniac instability in supernova remnants

C'ecile Cavet , Hung Chinh Nguyen , Claire Michaut , Emeric Falize , Serge Bouquet


8HE.00011: 3D RAGE Simulations of Sapphire Balls Driven by Strong Shocks

B.H. Wilde , R.F. Coker , P.A. Rosen , J.M. Foster , P.M. Hartigan , R. Carver , A. Frank , J.F. Hansen , B.E. Blue


8HE.00012: Fluid Solvers For High-Energy Density Applications: Initial Results

Ammar Hakim , John Loverich


8HE.00013: Laboratory investigation of bow shocks in radiatively cooled plasmas

D.J. Ampleford , C.A. Jennings , S.V. Lebedev , G.N. Hall , S.N. Bland , S.C. Bott , F. Suzuki-Vidal , J.B.A. Palmer , J.P. Chittenden , A. Ciardi


8HE.00014: A Jet Production Experiment using the ASTRA Laser

Jonathan Waugh , Erik Brambrink , Chris Gregory , Michel Koenig , Yasuhiro Kuramitsu , Berenice Loupias , Youichi Sakawa , Lucy Wilson , Nigel Woolsey


8HE.00015: Directed Plasma Flow across Magnetic Field

R. Presura , Y. Stepanenko , S. Neff , V.I. Sotnikov


8HE.00016: Laser-triggered millimeter-scale collimated plasma jets in crossed electric and magnetic fields

P. Brady , H. Quevedo , P. Valanju , M. McCormick , R. Bengtson , T. Ditmire


8HE.00017: Dense Plasma Injectors for the HyperV Plasma Jets

F Douglas Witherspoon , Richard Bomgardner , Andrew Case , Sarah Messer , Samuel Brockington




8HE.00019: Formation of Magnetically Driven Radiatively Cooled Plasma Jets in the Laboratory

F. Suzuki-Vidal , S.V. Lebedev , S.N. Bland , J.P. Chittenden , G. Hall , A. Harvey-Thompson , A. Marocchino , C. Ning , A. Ciardi , C. Stehle , A. Frank , E.G. Blackman , S.C. Bott , T. Ray


8HE.00020: Laboratory experiments to study supersonic astrophysical flows interacting with clumpy environments

Paula Rosen , J.M. Foster , R.J.R. Williams , B.H. Wilde , R. Coker , P. Hartigan , R. Carver , J. Palmer , B.E. Blue , F. Hansen , C. Sorce , A. Frank


8HE.00021: Astrophysical jet experiments with colliding laser-produced plasmas

Chris Gregory , Jon Howe , Berenice Loupias , Simon Myers , Margaret Notley , Youichi Sakawa , Akira Oya , Ryosuke Kodama , Michel Keonig , Nigel Woolsey


8HE.00022: Simulations of the supersonic radiative jet propagation in plasmas

Xavier Ribeyre , Philippe Nicolai , Stephane Galera , Vladimir Tikhonchuk


8HE.00023: Curved Herbi-Haro Jets: Simulations and Experiments

Andrea Ciardi , David J. Ampleford , Sergey V. Lebedev , Chantal Stehle


8HE.00024: Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in radiative jets: analytical and numerical study

Emeric Falize , Frederic Dias , Serge Bouquet , Nicolas Charpentier


8HE.00025: Simulations of high energy density plasma physics and laboratory astrophysics experiments

J.P. Chittenden , A. Marocchino , S.V. Lebedev , R.A. Smith , A. Ciardi , C.A. Jennings


8HE.00026: Analytical structure of stationary radiative shocks in polars

Emeric Falize , Serge Bouquet , Claire Michaut , Cecile Cavet , Michel Koenig , Alessandra Ravasio


8HE.00027: Low-Order Radiation Transport Model of Non-Turbulent Radiatively-Driven Shocks: Analytical and Numerical Developments

Tiberius Moran-Lopez , James Holloway


8HE.00028: Design of Jet-Driven, Radiative-Blast-Wave Experiments for Omega EP

R. Paul Drake , J.P. Knauer


8HE.00029: Radiation effects and radiation back reaction in strong and QED-strong pulsed laser fields

Igor Sokolov , Stepan Bulanov , Natalia Naumova , John Nees , Victor Yanovsky


8HE.00030: Applications of Radiation-Driven Blast Waves at Z

T.E. Tierney , R.G. Watt , G.C. Idzorek , C.L. Fryer , D.L. Peterson , R.R. Peterson , H.E. Tierney


8HE.00031: Investigation of the evolution of modulated radiative blast waves created by high intensity laser - cluster interaction

H.J. Quevedo , I.T. Kim , W. Bang , D.R. Symes , J. Osterhoff , R. Faustlin , M. Maurer , A.C. Bernstein , A.S. Moore , E.T. Gumbrell , A.D. Edens , R.A. Smith , T. Ditmire


8HE.00032: Laser driven shocks in a large magnetized plasma

Christoph Niemann , Carmen Constantin , Andrew Collette , Patrick Pribyl , Shreekrishna Tripathi , Erik Everson , Alexandre Gigliotti , Stephen Vincena , Nathan Kugland , Walter Gekelman , Radu Presura , Stephan Neff , Christopher Plechaty


8HE.00033: Simulations of Radiative Shock Experiments for Omega

F.W. Doss , R.P. Drake , A. Reighard , H.F. Robey , L. Suter




8HE.00035: Interplay of electrostatic and electromagnetic instabilities for ultra-intense charged particle beams in a plasma

Dmitri Ryutov


8HE.00036: Relativistic Boltzmann equations for the pair plasma in presence of baryon loading

Alexey Aksenov , Remo Ruffini , Gregory Vereshchagin


8HE.00037: Pair production in non-uniform electric fields

Hagen Kleinert , Remo Ruffini , She-Sheng Xue


8HE.00038: Electron-positron pairs production in an electric potential of massive cores

She-Sheng Xue , Remo Ruffini


8HE.00039: Radiation of electrons in Weibel-generated fields. -- A general case.

Mikhail Medvedev


8HE.00040: Effects of Shock Instability on Spin and Kick of Proto-Neutron Star in Supernova Cores

Wakana Iwakami , Naofumi Ohnishi , Kei Kotake , Shoichi Yamada , Keisuke Sawada


8HE.00041: Roles of shock instability interacting with neutrino radiation on supernova explosions

Naofumi Ohnishi , Wakana Iwakami , Kenichi Sugai , Kei Kotake , Shoichi Yamada


8HE.00042: Non-relativistic collisionless shocks in unmagnetized electron-proton plasmas

Tsunehiko Kato , Yasuhiro Kuramitsu , Youichi Sakawa , Hideaki Takabe


8HE.00043: Relativistic Jets from Collapsars and its Energy Distribution

Akira Mizuta


8HE.00044: On the self-acceleration of fireshell

Carlo Bianco , Remo Ruffini , Gregory Vereshchagin , She-Sheng Xue


8HE.00045: Thermalization of the pair plasma and the consequences for Gamma-Ray Bursts

Gregory Vereshchagin , Alexey Aksenov , Remo Ruffini


8HE.00046: High Density Plasmas in Black Hole Candidates

Ari Brynjolfsson


8HE.00047: Static equilibrium configuration of two charges in General Relativity

Vladimir Belinski , George Alekseev


8HE.00048: On the general theory for construction the static solutions for two charges in General Relativity

George Alekseev , Vladimir Belinski


8HE.00049: Lines of force in the Alekseev-Belinski solution

Marco Pizzi , Armando Paolino


8HE.00050: On the dyadotorus

Christian Cherubini , Andrea Geralico , Jorge Rueda , Remo Ruffini


8HE.00051: Charged particles in the Reissner-Nordstrom geometry

Donato Bini , Andrea Geralico , Remo Ruffini


8HE.00052: The electrostatics of naked singularity

Andrea Geralico , Donato Bini , Remo Ruffini


8HE.00053: HED physics opportunities on OMEGA/OMEGA EP

David Meyerhofer


8HE.00054: High-energy laser experiments on the Large Plasma Device

Carmen Constantin , Andrew Collette , Shreekrishna Tripathi , Patrick Pribyl , Erik Everson , Alexandre Gigliotti , Steve Vincena , Nathan Kugland , Radu Presura , Stefan Neff , Christopher Plechaty , Walter Gekelman , Christoph Niemann


8HE.00055: Solid liner on plasma Magnetized Target Fusion physics demonstration

T.P. Intrator , G.A. Wurden , P.E. Sieck , W. Waganaar , M. Kostora , J. Degnan , E.L. Ruden , C. Grabowski , M. Domonkos , W. Sommars , M. Frese , R.E. Siemon , T. Awe , A.G. Lynn , M. Gilmore


8HE.00056: Diagnostics for heavy ion beam driven Warm-dense-matter experiments.

Pavel Ni , Bieniosek Frank , Matthaeus Leitner , William Waldron


8HE.00057: Ideal Z-Pinch Instabilities Across Fluid Plasma Regimes

John Loverich , Ammar Hakim


8HE.00058: A Web 2.0 Interface to Ion Stopping Power and Other Physics Routines for High Energy Density Physics Applications

Peter Stoltz , Seth Veitzer


8HE.00059: Effects of a Center Wire on Conical Wire Array Z-Pinches

David Martinez , Radu Presura , Lucas Wanex , David Ampleford


8HE.00060: Penetration of Conductive Plasma Across a Magnetic Field

Christopher Plechaty , Sandra Wright , Stephan Neff , Philippe Leblanc , Radu Presura


8HE.00061: Laboratory Simulation of Instabilities in the Earth's Magnetotail

Sandra Wright , Radu Presura , Stephan Neff , Christopher Plechaty , Philippe Leblanc


8HE.00062: Magnetically accelerated foils for shock wave experiments

Stephan Neff , Jessica Ford , David Martinez , Christopher Plechaty , Sandra Wright , Radu Presura


8HE.00063: Progress in Ion Beam Driven High Energy Density Physics and Heavy Ion Fusion

J.J. Barnard , R.H. Cohen , A. Friedman , D.P. Grote , S.M. Lund , L.J. Perkins , W.M. Sharp , B.G. Logan , J. Armijo , F.M. Bieniosek , J.E. Coleman , E. Henestroza , E.P. Lee , M. Leitner , R.M. More , P. Ni , P.K. Roy , P.A. Seidl , J.-L. Vay , W.L. Waldron , A. Zylstra , R.C. Davidson , E.P. Gilson , I. Kaganovich , H. Qin


8HE.00064: High Energy-Density Plasma Production from Plasma-Filled Rod-Pinch Diodes

J.W. Schumer , B.V. Weber , D. Mosher , J.P. Apruzese


8HE.00065: 3D MHD simulations of radial wire arrays

C. Jennings , D. Ampleford , A. Ciardi , J. Chittenden , S. Bland , N. Niasse


8HE.00066: Modeling double pulsing of ion beams for HEDP target heating experiments

Seth Veitzer , John Barnard , Peter Stoltz , Enrique Henestroza


8HE.00067: K$_{\alpha}$ conversion efficiency from rare gas jets irradiated by ultra short laser pulses

Nathan Kugland , Paul Neumayer , Andrew Collette , Carmen Constantin , Eduard Dewald , Tilo Doeppner , Dustin Froula , Frederic Girard , Siegfried Glenzer , Andrea Kritcher , Christoph Niemann


8HE.00068: Observations of Improvement in Conversion Efficiency to Laser Accelerated Protons Using Er-Hydride Coated Targets

D. Offermann , L. Van Woerkom , R. Freeman , Y. Ping , A.J. Mackinnin , A.G. MacPhee , M.E. Foord , J.J. Sanchez , N. Shen , C.D. Chen


8HE.00069: Isochoric heating from fast electrons using mass limited targets

Michel Koenig , Sophie Baton , Perceval Guillou , Patrick Audebert , Ludovic Lecherbourg , Benjamin Barbrel , Serna Bastiani-Ceccotti , Christophe Rousseaux , Laurent Gremillet , Erik Lefevre , Christina Back , Pravesh Patel , Tom Cowan , Jenny Rassuchine


8HE.00070: Hot Electron Generation in the Micro-Tipped Cone and Wedge Targets Irradiated with Ultra Intense Laser.

B.I. Cho , G.M. Dyer , S. Kneip , D.R. Symes , A.C. Bernstein , S. Pikuz , Y. Sentoku , N. Le Galloudec , T.E. Cowan , T. Ditmire


8HE.00071: Electron transport in the tip of cone targets in high intensity laser-plasma interaction

Nathalie Le Galloudec , Emmanuel D'humieres , Byoung-Ick Cho , Jens Osterholz , Yasuhiko Sentoku , Todd Ditmire


8HE.00072: High Intensity Laser Coupling to a Cone Geometry for Fast Ignition

R.B. Stephens , K.U. Akli , A.J. MacKinnon , M.H. Key , A. MacPhee , Y. Ping , D. Offerman , D. Clark , R.R. Freeman , T. Link , V. Ovchinnikov , L. VanWoerkom , T. Bartal , F. Beg , S. Chawla , R.R. Freman , J.A. King , T. Ma , M.S. Wei , C. Chen , D. Hey , Y. Tsu


8HE.00073: Analytical theory for the laser driven TNSA ion acceleration

Matteo Passoni , Maurizio Lontano


8HE.00074: Study of Acceleration, Transport and Dephasing of Hot Electrons in Solid Density Plasmas Irradiated with Ultra Intense Laser Pulses

B.I. Cho , J. Osterholz , A.C. Bernstein , G.M. Dyer , T. Ditmire


8HE.00075: Observation of Two-Beam Coupling between Intersecting Filament-Forming Beams in Air

Aaron Bernstein , Matthew McCormick , James Sanders , Todd Ditmire


8HE.00076: Transport of Energy by Ultra-Intense Laser-Generated Electrons in Nail-Wire Targets

T. Ma , J.A. King , M.S. Wei , F.N. Beg , K. Akli , R.B. Stephens , S.P. Hatchett , M.H. Key , A.J. Mackinnon , A.G. MacPhee , R.R. Freeman , L. Van Woerkom , J.S. Green , K.L. Lancaster , P.A. Norreys , W. Theobald , R. Mason


8HE.00077: Quantitative spatial information from K-alpha and XUV imagers in FI-related experiments with cone targets

V.M. Ovchinnikov , D.W. Schumacher , L. Van Woerkom , R.R. Freeman


8HE.00078: Laser channeling in mm-scale underdense plasmas of fast ignition targets

C. Ren , G. Li , R. Yan , T.-L. Wang , J. Tonge , W.B. Mori


8HE.00079: The ePLAS code for high-intensity laser-matter interaction studies

R.J. Mason , M. Wei , F. Beg , J. King , R. Stephens , J. Fernandez , M. Hegelich


8HE.00080: Shock Compression of Iron Foils Relevant to Earth Core Conditions with Intense Laser

K. Shigemori , Y. Hironaka , T. Kadono , K. Otani , A. Shiroshita , T. Irifune , N. Ozaki , K. MIyanishi , T. Endo , T. Kimura , R. Kodama , T. Sakaiya , T. Kondo , K. Shimizu , J. Wark


8HE.00081: Laser-shock compression of liquid hydrogen and the interior structure of gas giant planets

Takayoshi Sano , Masahiro Ikoma , Keisuke Shigemori , Norimasa Ozaki , Takashi Endo , Yoichiro Hironaka , Yasunori Hori , Akifumi Iwamoto , Toshihiko Kadono , Tomoaki Kimura , Ryosuke Kodama , Kohei Miyanishi , Mitsuo Nakai , Takuo Okuchi , Kazuto Otani , Tatsuhiro Sakaiya , Katsuya Shimizu , Akiyuki Shiroshita , Hideki Takahashi


8HE.00082: Time-Resolved Third Order Harmonic Generation on Shocked Silicon Crystals

D.A. Dalton , W. Grigsby , H. Quevedo , A.C. Bernstein , T. Ditmire


8HE.00083: Equation of State Measurements of Dense Plasmas Heated by Laser Accelerated MeV Protons

Gilliss Dyer , Aaron Bernstein , Byoung-Ick Cho , Will Grigsby , Allen Dalton , Ronnie Shepherd , Yuan Ping , Hui Chen , Klaus Widmann , Jens Ozterhoz , Todd Ditmire


8HE.00084: Probing the microscopic state of warm dense matter

G. Gregori , B. Barbrel , A. Benuzzi-Mounaix , C. Brown , R. Clarke , E. Garcia Saiz , S. Glenzer , F. Khattak , D. Neely , M. Notley , A. Pelka , D. Riley , M. Roth , C. Spindloe , M. Koenig


8HE.00085: Destruction of nanograins by grain-grain collisions

Naofumi Ohnishi , Eduardo Bringa , Bruce Remington , George Gilmer , Roger Minich , Yasutaka Yamaguchi , Alexander Tielens


8HE.00086: Brittle-to-Ductile Spall Transition in Laser Shocked Aluminum Alloys

D.A. Dalton , A.C. Bernstein , J.L. Brewer , E.D. Jackson , S. Steuck , W. Grigsby , D. Milathianaki , E.M. Taleff , T. Ditmire


8HE.00087: Ab initio simulation of the Helium Hugoniot up to very high temperatures.

Gilles Zerah , Stephane Leroux


8HE.00088: Study of the particles kinetic energy enhancement in explosions of atomic argon clusters driven by two-color three pulse intense laser

H.J. Quevedo , M. Avila , T. Ditmire


8HE.00089: Intense XUV radiation driven explosions of Xe clusters

B. Murphy , K. Hoffmann , A. Belolipetski , A. Bernstein , J. Keto , T. Ditmire , I. Artyukov


8HE.00090: Experimental evidence and theoretical analysis of photoionized plasma under x-ray radiation produced by intense laser

Feilu Wang , Shinsuke Fujioka , Hiroaki Nishimura , Daiji Kato , Yutong Li , Gang Zhao , Jie Zhang , Hideaki Takabe


8HE.00091: Characterization of photoionized SiO2 aerogel plasmas created by radiation fields in gold hohlraum targets

Yutong Li , Jie Zhang , Zhengming Sheng , Xin Lu , Quangli Dong


8HE.00092: The atomic number -- charge relation in the nuclear matter in bulk

Barbara Patricelli , Michael Rotondo , Remo Ruffini


8HE.00093: The extended nuclear matter model with smooth transition surface

Jorge Rueda , Barbara Patricelli , Michael Rotondo , Remo Ruffini


8HE.00094: The relativistic Thomas-Fermi equation for extended nuclear matter

Remo Ruffini , Michael Rotondo , She-Sheng Xue


8HE.00095: Solutions of the ultra-relativistic Thomas-Fermi equation

Michael Rotondo , Remo Ruffini , She-Sheng Xue


8HE.00096: Ultra-intense laser driven high-energy K-$\alpha $ sources for high-energy density experiments.

Hye-Sook Park


8HE.00097: Status of High Energy Density Physics at GSI.

Dieter H.H. Hoffmann


8HE.00098: Direct study of eos mixing laws through an orbital-free-molecular-dynamics point of view

Flavien Lambert , Jean-Francois Danel , Luc Kazandjian , Jean Clerouin


8HE.00099: Rayleigh -- Taylor instabilities and radiative cooling

Serge Bouquet


8HE.00100: Scaling laws for radiative and magnetic fluids: pillar of laboratory astrophysics

Emeric Falize


8HE.00101: Laser-Plasma simulations of Artificial Magnetosphere formed by Giant Coronal Mass Ejections

Yuri Zakharov , Arnold Ponomarenko , Konstantin Vchivkov , Wendell Horton , Parrish Brady


8HE.00102: Particle-in-Cell (PIC) Simulations of Laser Plasma Interactions in Underdense Plasmas

F.S. Tsung , J. Fahlen , B.J. Winjum , J. Tonge , W.B. Mori


8HE.00103: Fast Ignition with Ultra-High Intensity Lasers

J. Tonge , J. May , W.B. Mori , F.S. Tsung , C. Ren , M. Marti , L. Silva


8HE.00104: Experimental results to study astrophysical plasma jets using Intense Lasers

B. Loupias , E. Falize , C.D. Gregory , D. Seiichi , T. Vinci , J. Waugh , M. Koenig , N.C. Woolsey , N. Osaki , A. Benuzzi-Mounaix , S. Bouquet , C. Michaut , M. Rabec le Goahec , W. Nazarov , S. Pikuz , A. Faenov , Y. Kuramitsu , S. Atzeni , A. Schiavi , Y. Sakawa , H. Takabe , R. Kodama


8HE.00105: Study of Hot Electron Propagation in Low Density Foams in Ultra Intense Laser Pulse Interaction

B. Ramakrishna , P.A. Wilson , K. Quinn , L. Romagnani , M. Borghesi , A. Pipahl , O. Willi , L. Lancia , J. Fuchs , M. Notley , R.J. Clarke